Affiliate Marketing – What it is and How to Start

Affiliate Marketing is a pretty cool way to make money online by marketing products that aren’t your own. You basically find  product you like then tell the world about it; which earns you a commission!

How to Find the Right Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

There are tons of companies looking for Affiliate Marketers (AM’s) as we speak. All you have to do is us Google to Find them. The search I use is (Niche + Affiliate Program). As an Example I searched “Vitamin Affiliate Program” and was given 1.5 million results!

Now if I can get 1.5 million opportunities for a Vitamin Affiliate Program, what do you think the odds are for you to find something you might be interested in.

Which leads me to the next point I want to make: FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE!!!!!

A lot of people choose a niche base solely on the pay out, which is a horrible mistake. Just because snake oil is paying the best, doesn’t mean you are the right person to recommend it. The people in your sphere of influence know you, and what you like! If you have never shown any interest to snake oil, then all of the sudden it’s all you talk about (while suggesting they buy some from a specific company lol), they might know something is amiss.

Promoting your Affiliate Marketing Product

-Word of Mouth

Tell your Friends and Everyone you meet

– Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to get your message out to the world. Not only is Everyone on it, but with it’s adds manager you can choose what type of people to show your message to. You will always be fishing in the right pond.

– Build a Website or Blog

If you are truly serious about an Affiliate Marketing Program, you need a website. There is a really cool program over at where they teach you everything you need to know to get your site up and running.