How to Earn Money Online Without a Website

This Article was inspired by a friend of mine. He works for a Lansing Metal Roofing Company, but is always looking to make some extra money. This guy has no quit in him and works tirelessly. But it has paid off for him, he is virtually debt free and I know he is inching his way to being independently wealth by the time he is 40. He isn’t exactly web savvy, but he still finds a lot of opportunities from world wide web.

The internet offers us endless possibilities when it comes to making money. You can earn extra income from multiple sources using the internet connection. Even more, you do not necessarily need to own a website to earn good money online. In this post, I share some good ideas for you to start earning money online without spending a cent to host a website. Whether you choose these as a side hustle for that extra coin or decide to make either of these opportunities a full-time job, you stand to make a decent income from the ideas shared here.

  1. Start Teaching Online / Online Tutoring.

Do you consider yourself proficient in at least one language that other people are interested in learning? On the other hand, maybe it might be a skill that you possess and people are interested in learning. That is a moneymaking opportunity for you. You can begin teaching online through platforms like or even start an online channel where people pay you to teach them new skills. Several websites offer online tutoring jobs. Some good examples are:

  • teach English online and earn up to $22 per hour
  • offers a variety of subjects
  • you can teach different subjects on the platform
  • a platform that helps students to score higher grades
  • udemycom – offers various units online and is suitable for learners at different skills level.

If you are interested in teaching online, those platforms will be a good starting point even if you do not have a website set up already. All you need is to apply for the online tutoring job and get started upon approval.

  1. Offer Gigs on Different Freelancing Platform

This is probably the most common way to earn money online. Web designers, online writers, and virtual assistants are some of the common gigs offered by the online freelancers. There are different freelancing platforms where you can find clients who are looking for services that you provide. You need to create a good portfolio to attract clients who will buy your services. The price per gig depends on the level of skills. Check out the following freelancing platforms, which are top, rated for the online work opportunities.

  • upwork
  • fiverr
  • freelancer
  • envato
  • google

Top rated freelancers are already earning a good amount from the above platforms. You just need to make sure that you are offering an excellent service for the clients to recommend you to other clients.

  1. Do You Have a Knack for Photography? Sell those Snaps Online

If you love the camera, you can try to sell your most exceptional snaps online. There are different stock photography websites for you to start earning money online. These websites are looking for high-quality content and will offer you a good rate when you start selling more photos. The good thing with photography is that you can hire a professional editor to make sure you have good images to sell online.

  1. Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media managers offer a specialized skill on prominent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of retailers would want to have their products and services sold through these platforms. Start offering them these services and you can earn a good amount. The goals of the social media managers are to increase the visibility of the online adverts and ensure products sell online. The social media management jobs focus on filtering, measuring and guiding brands on social media strategies that work.

  1. Use Cash Back and Online Survey Websites

You can earn a decent income by completing online surveys and just watching movies online. Websites like and Swagbucks are good examples where you can earn cash for completing a simple task.


With the opportunities listed above, you can earn a good amount of money even without a website setup. So what are you waiting for? Identify your interests and start earning money through these online platforms.


How to Start Making Money Online

Earning some extra bucks from online activity can help you survive to the end month. If your employer pays you a monthly fixed salary, it might be hard trying to make ends meet. If that sounds like what you are experiencing now, do not worry because there are different opportunities for you to earn money online. In the post we feature some tried methods to helps you earn extra income. Let us find out the secret online money making methods that will grow your wallet.

  1. Make Money Writing Blogs

If you love writing creative articles, it is a good opportunity for you to start making money online. Every day thousands of writing jobs are posted on and presenting you a perfect opportunity to earn extra money. You just need to be a captivating writer to start getting clients who you can write for and earn money.

  1. Promotes Products on Facebook

Yes, you heard me right! You can earn money by simply sharing an affiliate link on Facebook. With over 2.27 billion monthly users as of April 2019, Facebook is a great opportunity for you helping you to earn good money. All you need is a Facebook user account and monetized affiliate link. When your friends purchase through the affiliate link, you earn a good commission. Find an affiliate program to join today and start earning money.

  1. Start YouTube Channel and Earn Money from Views Earned

YouTube allows you to monetize your videos so long as you have reached 10,000-lifetime viewers on your videos. You can earn an unlimited amount by capturing hilarious moments and sharing on YouTube. Promote the video and optimize it so that you can get a good number of shares and start earning cash every time people view your video. Remember that YouTube has more than 1.9 billion users monthly and this represents a good opportunity for you to earn extra money.

  1. Drop Shipping Business

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to earn a good amount online. All you need to do is start a website that sells products online, talk to a supplier and negotiate for discounts. Market the products to potential buyers and you will earn money when the products are sold. This works differently from affiliate marketing because you negotiated for a discount. With affiliate marketing, you earn a commission when a purchase is made. The advantage of drop shipping as an online venture is that you will not have to store the items. All you do is coordinating the logistics until the products are received by the buyer.

  1. Be paid for Searching the Web

By simply doing what you have been doing the whole day, you can earn good money. is a good example of a website that pays online searchers. You just need to install a simple add-on to your browser and when you are conducting research online, the sponsored results alongside your normal search will come up. Click on these and you will earn money.

  1. Take Online Surveys

Am sure you have heard of online surveys as an increasing number of students have been doing it. The research companies are always recruiting new members worldwide to take surveys and test products. For just a few minutes, you take the form and fill it then you could earn money.

There you go! Those exciting approaches can help you make money online. The advantage is that you can try each one of them and earn from them all.

How to Start an Online Blog that Will Earn You Money

Online blogging for money has become a popular way to get rich without having to work from 8 AM – 5 PM every weekday. There are different tips to help you start earning a good amount from an online blog. In this post, I shall enlighten you on how to start earning money from an online blog. Let us have a look at some of the things you have to do to start earning money from your online blog.

  1. Choose A Profitable Blogging Niche

The truth is that not everything can help you earn a good amount of money. For instance, let us say you have a passion for donkey milk. Every morning you wake up and write about how donkey milk is superior to cow or goat milk. You work through the night to ensure your website is optimized to rank high on Google.

Reality is that no one cares about donkey milk and you will never earn money from the website. What is the moral of the story? You have to choose a niche that you are passionate about and it is a profitable niche. In other words, you need an audience for your blog, and the only way is to offer what people are looking for.

  1. Become a Good Writer or Hire a good Writer for your Blog

Writing is for the people who are passionate about putting pen to paper to come up with a captivating story. What does this mean, if you are never passionate about writing; it is never easy coming up with attractive content. Therefore, you have to be sure that you are writing a good article to start attracting the audience.

Quality content is informative and provides value to the reader. No one wants to read the same old internet story repeatedly. Thus, you have to be creative. If you consider yourself not a good writer, hire someone through the online freelancing websites and instruct them on the quality of work you want.

  1. Optimize Your content To Ensure it is Visible Online

You have come up with great content on a profitable niche. What is next, and how will you start attracting traffic? Now, you have to ensure the website is search engine optimized. Google loves content that answers user’s needs and one that is simple to read. Make use of headlines and keywords research to come up with a high-quality website. If you do not have the SEO skills, never worry about that. You can easily get help from the dozens of SEO experts available on

  1. Add Affiliate Links to Start Earning Income

You have good quality content that ranks high on Google and other search engines. To start earning money, add affiliate links to the content. Recommend good products that are within the niche you are blogging about and earn money just like that! You can join the Amazon affiliate program to earn money from the number one retailing website in the world.


Blogging is a quick and effective way of earning money online. You can choose the Amazon affiliate offers or Google Adsense programs that reward content writers. Remember that the key to earning good money from blogging is writing superb content. In addition, you need a good traffic generating strategy to make sure you are getting clicks. Too increase the conversion rates, offer your readers valuable information that they will want to share.

How to Start Earning Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown to become one of the easiest ways to earn passive income online. Estimates show that in 2016 alone, retailers in the US spent $4.7 Billion on affiliate marketing. It is estimated that by 2020, the amount spent on affiliate marketing will rise to over $ 6.5 Billion in the US alone.  Therefore, this is a cool way that you can use to earn passive income online. The exciting thing is that it is also suitable for beginners so long as you are willing to commit your time and resources. In this article, I explain how you can start earning more bucks with affiliate marketing. First, what is affiliate marketing and how does the program work?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing works in a very simple approach. You just collaborate with a company that is selling products or services online and recommend these products to your audience. If they buy services or products with your affiliate link, you will get a commission from the sale.

Anyone can join the affiliate program and earn solid cash by just working a few hours a day. There are several success stories online on persons who have made it with affiliate marketing. To become one of the successful affiliate marketers, you just have to start and follow these success tips.

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

  1. Choose the Right Affiliate Program

You do not want to waste your time and efforts on unprofitable affiliate programs. Before you start investing in an affiliate program, it is critical that you select a good market where to exercise the marketing skills you have. Note that not all affiliate programs are profitable. Some will pay less than what you spend to host your website or put up an ad! Some examples of affiliate programs that you can join are ClickBank, CPA programs, and the Amazon Affiliate program. Each one offers a different commission rate.

  1. Choose the Right Niche

This is probably the most important decision you will be making. Although this might seem obvious, it is necessary that I stress the point. If you end up choosing a niche that you do not like, you might end up giving up so soon with a lot of money already invested in the project. Make sure it is a topic that you are willing to research about and happy to create articles that teach others.

  1. Choose the Best Approach to Engage the Target Audience

Some will prefer placing ads on Facebook and other social media platforms while others will create a website and optimize it for top ranking. When choosing the right approach for reaching your targeted clients, be sure it is an approach that is going to work. For instance, if you choose social media posting, do you have a high audience that you are targeting. This will definitely affect your earnings on affiliate marketing. For website owners, you might be required to write search engine optimized websites to be able to rank high. You can also place affiliate links on communities and online forums.

Those are the important tips you need to know to excel with affiliate marketing. The advantages of affiliate marketing as an online income generator include a passive income, you do not need to have a customer support desk, minimal steps to get started, and you do not need a huge amount of capital to start an affiliate website. Try affiliate marketing to start earning a decent income online.

Affiliate Marketing – What it is and How to Start

Affiliate Marketing is a pretty cool way to make money online by marketing products that aren’t your own. You basically find  product you like then tell the world about it; which earns you a commission!

How to Find the Right Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

There are tons of companies looking for Affiliate Marketers (AM’s) as we speak. All you have to do is us Google to Find them. The search I use is (Niche + Affiliate Program). As an Example I searched “Vitamin Affiliate Program” and was given 1.5 million results!

Now if I can get 1.5 million opportunities for a Vitamin Affiliate Program, what do you think the odds are for you to find something you might be interested in.

Which leads me to the next point I want to make: FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE!!!!!

A lot of people choose a niche base solely on the pay out, which is a horrible mistake. Just because snake oil is paying the best, doesn’t mean you are the right person to recommend it. The people in your sphere of influence know you, and what you like! If you have never shown any interest to snake oil, then all of the sudden it’s all you talk about (while suggesting they buy some from a specific company lol), they might know something is amiss.

Promoting your Affiliate Marketing Product

-Word of Mouth

Tell your Friends and Everyone you meet

– Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to get your message out to the world. Not only is Everyone on it, but with it’s adds manager you can choose what type of people to show your message to. You will always be fishing in the right pond.

– Build a Website or Blog

If you are truly serious about an Affiliate Marketing Program, you need a website. There is a really cool program over at where they teach you everything you need to know to get your site up and running.